Friday, 8 February 2013


It has been a great week.
We have been getting really good at building our reading stamina up while reading independently in Daily 5.

In maths we have collected data (information) in statistics on the most common colour jellybeans in a packet - we couldn't believe that there was only 1 orange out of 291 jellybeans!  We found out that pink was the most common colour.
We then looked at what the most popular colour car was in Room18 families and found out that it was silver and graphed the results!  Did you know that apparently silver is the least common colour car to be involved in a crash?! We are going to do some more investigating next week and collect data on cars that drive past Halswell Road.

We read a really cool book about being different called 'The Hueys in The New Jumper' by Oliver Jeffers.
Here are our unique Hueys...

Today we started our mosaic/collage self portraits that we will be finishing next week.

We are very lucky to be big buddies to the brand new children in Room 1.  We enjoyed meeting them today and are going to make sure we are the best buddies!

Remember to vote for our new blog pet!  Have a happy weekend!

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