Friday, 7 June 2013

Holiday Recounts

Check out some of our recounts we have written from the last school holidays.

Hanmer Springs
By Baillie
In the first week of the school holidays I went to Hanmer Springs with my family.
First I went for a bike ride in the forest up a steep hill.  I had to walk my bike up it.  There were heaps of trees.  The track was bumpy and slippery because it had rained.  Reuben fell off because he wasn’t looking where he was going.  I thought it was funny.
In town there were lots of shops to go to.  One of the shops had coloured pencils mad out of trees.  I liked the bracelet it got.
My bach was and A-frame house with two storeys.  I liked the bach.  I slept upstairs by the driveway.  There were 3 rooms.

The bike ride was fun but I got puffed because I went a long way.

Iron Man Experience
by Ollie

On May the first Matthew, dad and I went to Iron Man 3 at Hoyts Riccarton.
First we went to McDonald’s to get something to eat and then we went to get some lollies.
Then we rushed back and when we got in the cinema Matthew lost his 3D glasses.
After the movie we went home and our nan called and said she sold the camper van.

It was really fun because we got lollies and we got to watch it in 3D.  It was the best movie ever because there were explosions and people getting killed.  Matthew’s glasses didn’t get found.

My Trip to Australia
By Hugo

On Saturday morning at 4 am I flew to the Gold Coast Australia.  I went with my family.
We went swimming on the first day at the Crown Plaza.  The pool was very cold. 
The next day we went to Wet ‘n’ Wild.  We went on the blue race ride and heaps of other rides too. 
On the next day we went shopping at the market.  I bought two hats and my sister bought a slushy for me. 
I got to go in the cockpit of the plane on the way back with my sister, me and my dad.

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  1. Room 18 your recounts were amazing! I loved reading them all to hear about your holidays. I must say I was VERY impressed by the high quality of writing! :)