Sunday, 11 August 2013

We are 2 weeks into our six lessons at Olympia Gym and room 18 are really enjoying the challenges the activities are providing us.  The trampoline seems to be especially popular, and the bars offer the greatest test of abdominal strength.  We have even discovered there are several talented gymnasts among us!
Doing our warm -up in the pike position.

Ollie enjoys the trampoline.
Georgia enjoys the bars.

Livvy and Indiana show us their hula skills!

Coby shows a good head for heights!

What great strength you have Joshua. Well done

Asha does the splits.


  1. awesome photos

    mystery person

  2. On Monday the 11th of November we went to Starfish swim school and we are going for two weeks. At Starfish swim school we had to get into a line and then we had to do frestyle to the platform and when we got to the patform one of the ladies would tell us what lane we were in I was in lane three.In lane three we did freestyle first and then we did three strokes and then we had to breath.When we got out of the pool and changed we got to play a game until the bus came.The game that we played was Buddy up buddy down.My partner for Buddy up buddy down was Larissa.
    By Lily

  3. our class went to swimming at starfish swim school it was differfrent to the other siwm school. we have 2 weeks it is our last day on the 2thired of november

  4. Gymnastics is so much fun my favourite thing is climbing the rope.My little sisters Anastiasa and portia do artistic ana I do rythmic its so much fun.Indiana