Friday, 29 June 2012

In the holidays...

In the holidays I am going to Oscar Holiday Programme and next week on Monday I'm going to Chipmunks with Oscar. - Emma

On the second week of the holidays, I am going on a campervan trip with Livvy.  We are going to have two seperate campervans.  I think we are going to Kaikoura... OMG I can't wait! - Larissa

In the holidays I might be going to Lake Brunner.  If it is sunny we are going to go out in our boat and me and Henry will go in the biscuit.  It will be so fun because once I fell off!! It was scary! On the way to Lake Brunner we will get some lollies.  Yum. Yum Yum! I would love to stay for two weeks!  I hope I don't get a flat tyre on the way back.  I can't wait!! - Lily

Yay! Yay! Yay! I can't wait until it's my birthday on the 5th of July.  I won't be going to gym on my birthday because we are going tenpin bowling!  I hope I win!  - Jenna

In the holidays I'm going to the 'What Now' studio with my brother to hopefully be on t.v!  I can't wait!  I am also going to Hanmer Springs for a holiday.  I will be going on the ride.  I love going on holiday with my family and friends. - Molly

Today I am leaving school early to go to Fairley with my next door neighbours.  We are going skiing for two days.  I can't wait until we get there!  - Jordan

On Saturday I have rugby.  I will be going to Dad's work to help him and also earn some money! I am also going to Queenstown! - Ollie.B

Next Friday before I go to Hanmer I am in a drums competition.  I am looking forward to a holiday just with Mum  for two nights in Hanmer.  We are going to go to the hot pools for the whole day! - Brielle

I'm going to Glen Tunnel in the holidays with my Dad and my cousin.  We go on our bikes there.  It is heaps of fun.  - Coby

In the holidays I am going to Blenheim to see my cousins.  We will be staying at my Grandad's house.  I like going to Blenheim because they have a cool pool and I like spending time with my cousins.  - Jorja

In the holidays  I might be going to the movies.  I want to see Brave - Jake

I think I am going to go skiing with my Mum and Dad and next door neighbours - Amy and Breanna.  I will also be playing on my wii with Dad! - Charlie

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