Wednesday, 23 May 2012

100 Word Challenge!

Ms Sio gave our class a 100 word challenge!

Using the prompt above we hard to write a story using as close to 100 words as possible!

We did a fab job!  Here a few for you to enjoy reading... :)

"At last Moby, we've found it!"...
It was a golden island with ruby tulips.  The grass felt like pillows.  When I looked up the clouds were made of cotton candy and mini diamonds were falling from the sky.
Then out of the corner of my eye there was a Coke pool with a chocolate boggy board and there was no school and guess what? Everywhere I looked there was toys!!
"I am speechless.  We will be rich!"
And then we swam in the Coke pool and we never told anyone ever about it.

By Seamus Moran-Tanner

"At last Moby, we've found it!"... Ryan and Moby found a magic tree.  It was pink, blue, yellow, red, orange, purple and gold.  It was magic and when you tapped it, you would zoom to a magical world!  You would see God and Jesus.  Up in that world you would be very very happy.  God would give you a wish.  Then when you came back down you would be very, very, VERY happy.  Ryan and Moby were.
After their wish that they made had come true.  Ryan wished that he'd get 30 lollies.  Moby's wish was that he'd get a trip to the moon.

By Jorja Beckingsale

Moby and Bob Junior were walking through the jungle.  A spider monkey took Bob Juniors hat,  They carried on with anticipation.  Then some birds floated over their heads.  "At last Moby.  We found it!"  It was a gold sheild shining from the sun.  It was worth 10 million dollars.  They had been looking for it their whole lives.  Now they finally had it!  "We are rich!" they yelled as they jumped up with excitement.    When they got back they were extremely happy and of course they had 10 million dollars!  So they bought a hotel.

By Angus Hamilton


  1. WOW, awesome 100 word challenge stories. We have been writing some as well. Maybe we could get together and share them next week.
    You have good describing words and they are good stories.
    Room 19

  2. Thats really COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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