Friday, 11 May 2012

Quadblogging - 4H, England

This week we have had a look at Mr Handley's Year 4 class blog: Mr Handley 4H
They have put a video on their website to show us their school.
It was also interesting to see that their school opened in 2008 so is very new!  
Our school opened in 1864 - so is over 150 years old!! :) 

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  1. Hi Room 18!
    I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say how lovely it has been to read your comments on our blog this week! I hope you have enjoyed exploring it :)
    Parts of our school were built in 2008- as it changed from being a 'middle school' for children aged 8-13 to a Primary School (for children aged 4-11) so we needed more space- but parts of it were built in the 1960's- but this is still much younger than your school :)
    We'd love to see what your school looked like? 4H were wondering if it is like ours?

    Mr H :)