Sunday, 13 May 2012

Week 3/4

The last three weeks have flown by!! We were lucky to have Emily from The Art Gallery come out to our class last week to do some printmaking with us. You should feel very proud of your amazing art!

We have also done a few science experiments - I think the flying teabag that Ms Sio did with you has been the favourite so far! Ms Sio also taught you a Samoan song 'Savalivali'.  We will need to keep practicing and put a video of you singing on our blog soon!

It has also been great to have 'Wonderings and Discoveries' back up and running! - which will definitely be a highlight of each week.

Our start to Term 2! on PhotoPeach

Wednesday is Olympic Day!  We are representing Jamaica so dig out any black, green or yellow!


  1. Dear Room 18,

    We are pleased to be quadblogging with you. We have been talking about facts we know about New Zealand.

    There is a bird called the Kiwi from New Zealand. - Ben
    There is two islands called the North and South. Jay
    The Rugby is called the All Blacks and do the Haka. Alfie
    The time is about 12 hours ahead. Lucy
    Mr Brown and Mrs Haynes used to live in Auckland (at different times!)
    All Blacks beat France in the World Cup.
    The man who climbed Mount Everest (Edmund Hilary) was from New Zealand.

    We also have some questions.
    Do you have any animals in your school?
    How many classes and children are at Halswell School?
    Does anyone support the New Zealand football team? Have you seen them play?
    Who are the most famous New Zealanders?

    Thank you!
    Mr Brown's Class
    Moorfield Primary School

  2. Hi Moorfield Primary School

    We have 26 class rooms.John Key is the Prime Minister of NZ and they filmed lord of the rings here in NZ.A cat always comes to visit.
    From Asha

  3. Hi Moorfield! Thanks for your message. We do not have animals at our school. We have about 600 people. We have 26 classes at our school. Yes some of us follow the All Whites - our soccer team. It is hard to see Kiwis. We have only seen them at the zoos.
    How many classes do you have?
    Our most famous New Zealanders are probably our rugby players and our prime minister.
    from sam and Jenna

  4. Dear Asha is Cat a person or a real cat?We have 9 classes and 267 children.
    From Izzy Moorfield primary school.

  5. We tried to leave some comments for you today, but our internet filter will only let us when we are logged on as a teacher! We have left some on your video!

    The music was very popular!
    Mr Brown